You can make payments towards your appointment balance online at any time, all the way up to the start of your appointment.

To make a payment online:

1. First, sign in to your account.

2. On your account home page, click the Manage Booking button.

3. Click Make Payment at the top of the page.

4a. There are two options for payment on this page: Make Payment and Share Payment. If you'd like to make the payment yourself, enter the amount you'd like to pay toward your appointment balance and then click Make Payment.

4b. Under the Make Payment box, you'll see an option that says Someone else need to make a payment? Share this link with them. Anybody you share this link with will be able to see your invoice balance, previous payment history, and will be able to make payments on your behalf. You can either copy the share payment link or you can download a QR code for the payment.

5. Choose the payment method you'd like to use and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

Note: The options you see will differ depending on the browser and device you're using. For instance, if you're using the Safari browser, you'll see the option to use Apply Pay; if you're viewing this page using an Android device, you'll see the option to use Google Pay.

6. When you've submitted your payment, you'll see a success message and your receipt. You'll also receive a copy of your receipt at the email you used when you booked your appointment.

7. When your appointment balance has been paid for in full, the appointment will be updated to show that on your account home page.